Learning from life is about upgrading your framework of Self Understanding

Overcome all your limiting beliefs at one shot through right knowledge..

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Happiness has nothing to do with a smiley face. #yoga #wisdom

Happiness has nothing to do with a smiley face. Anything to do with the body is temporary. Happiness is an inside thing..an inner reality...that arises when u give up identification with the false. You are in happiness when you deeply identify with your higher reality. Don't let excitement distract you. Excitement is an emotion. Emotions … Continue reading Happiness has nothing to do with a smiley face. #yoga #wisdom

A short story with #life #wisdom

A child's wish (A small story) ==================== A Primary School teacher asks her pupils to write an essay "what wish do you want from God?" At the end of the day, the teacher collects all the essays given by her pupils. She takes them to her house, sits and marking them. while marking the essays, … Continue reading A short story with #life #wisdom

#Wisdom for an #InspiredLife

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Are you interested in truth or are your more interested in success???#leadership #Mindfulness #illusion #LoveThyself #Meditation

Do you wish for a life of peace and bliss? #Leadership #Love #Mindfulness #Meditation

I am sure each one of us do wish but very few take responsibility to make it happen! Life is Love and love is to realize your real nature! Everybody you see or even hear about is You and you are also the inner most self in all of them! Everyone you meet at work, … Continue reading Do you wish for a life of peace and bliss? #Leadership #Love #Mindfulness #Meditation

Time is Life given to realize your Real Self! Dont Waste it!

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Solve problems mindfully and grow in love!!!

I am sure for many of us who have been taught that life is a struggle and we must fight for our existence and win etc , advice on mindfulness seems overly simple and you may have doubts to its efficacy but let me share some insights on how this works to some extent and … Continue reading Solve problems mindfully and grow in love!!!

Keep Me Clean Please!

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Don’t just wish Good Morning! Wake up truly!

That the body and world looks so convincingly true and real is the illusion. Just like a dream appears real to a sleeper and he knows its only a dream as he begins to wake up, so too we need to stop dreaming (stop searching for happiness and start being content, happy and grateful ) … Continue reading Don’t just wish Good Morning! Wake up truly!

Dont intelligently avoid accepting your confused! Embrace confusion mindfully and awaken to freedom!

https://twitter.com/mohansundaram73/status/624649454596042753 From: Mohan Sundaram Sent: ‎25-‎07-‎2015 07:16 To: Mohan Sundaram Subject: Embrace confusion mindfully and awaken to your reality https://t.co/7oH6sawrNA Dearl Little Self, There is so much that happens unconsciously wrong in our approach to life that we miss opportunities to awaken to oneness with our divine reality. ONE SUCH AREA IS CONFUSION. Observe neutrally … Continue reading Dont intelligently avoid accepting your confused! Embrace confusion mindfully and awaken to freedom!

Who are you truly?????

Hey Little Self, You might think why on earth should I ever investigate such a question especially when I have no reason to disbelieve that I am this physical body and maybe a bit more if I add on intelligence and thinking to my kitty of who I am. The root of ignorance starts with … Continue reading Who are you truly?????

Develop Will Power! # WillPower #Mind #Zen #Inspiration #Awareness

Will power is about evolving from : Matter over Mind to Mind over Matter to Awareness over Mind Most people are driven by the mind and are under the belief they are under control of their life but the first step of gaining control requires a growing understanding of who you are. When its matter … Continue reading Develop Will Power! # WillPower #Mind #Zen #Inspiration #Awareness

That which existed before something came up is truth…truth does not arise…its the foundation

Existence is a foundation upon which the rest of the novel called mind or world is built. Once you retrace that foundation rest of the story falls apart on its own....

Life can be magic!!

Things can happen magically Our world is a model we create basis of our understanding of ourselves. When our definition of who we are revolves around the body and mind we live in a " doing" world.. However as you let go and evolve to subtle and higher intelligence worlds doing fades away and things … Continue reading Life can be magic!!

Spiritual wisdom for business

Most people are very deeply disconnected between head and mind and that's why survey results can very often mislead your decisions! Observation of actions is more accurate way of knowing what they currently think or believe of you! Mohan email: mohan.sundaram.73@gmail.com Twitter : @mohansundaram73 Skype: mohan.sundaram.73

Are you a successful owner or a 100% responsible owner??

Take a look at @mohansundaram73's Tweet: https://twitter.com/mohansundaram73/status/612829677875412992?s=09 Are you the owner who likes to own success and blame failure on others or do you take 100% ownership of both?? #ownership #success #failure Mohan email: mohan.sundaram.73@gmail.com Twitter : @mohansundaram73 Skype: mohan.sundaram.73

The You who you don’t know…….??

Without : a job, designation, title, things to do, friends Personality Any kind of tangible quality THAT'S WHO YOU ARE TRULY ! THE ONE AND ONLY UNIVERSAL I WHICH APPEARS AS MANY! THINK ABOUT THESE: IF YOU WERE THOUGHTS HOW CAN YOU WATCH THEM RISE & FALL? IF YOU WERE FEELINGS HOW CAN YOU WATCH … Continue reading The You who you don’t know…….??