It is so simple….Just Do It!! #cleaning #erase #hooponopono #love #healing #leadership

These simple phrases erase sub conscious memories accumulated over millions of lives!!! it's too simple and that's why it's true and powerful! Use it and watch your life transform magically!

Dr. Brian Weiss – Free Video – Using Childhood Regression for Healing Today #healing #regressiontherapy #leadership #wisdom Mohan Sundaram email: Skype: what's ap: +918790171132

Solve problems mindfully and grow in love!!!

I am sure for many of us who have been taught that life is a struggle and we must fight for our existence and win etc , advice on mindfulness seems overly simple and you may have doubts to its efficacy but let me share some insights on how this works to some extent and … Continue reading Solve problems mindfully and grow in love!!!

Mind your own business please!!

Minding your own thoughts is your own business! Mind your own business and do it well! Minding others business is ignorance! They are only showing you what is your problem! Heal yourself and enlighten yourself and everybody is healed and enlightened through your healing! Mohan email: Twitter : @mohansundaram73 Skype: mohan.sundaram.73