Would success make you look within and question ” Who am I?” #Mind #Zen #Contemplation

Hey Little Self, I know my mails are the inverse of what you expect but it has to be that way because your perception of who you are is inversed! You see things upside down and I have to invert you back upright! The outside world is an illusion! Your name, your form, all the … Continue reading Would success make you look within and question ” Who am I?” #Mind #Zen #Contemplation

Wake up from the moive of (Insert your name)!!

The Mind is an illusion not just when you fail or don't have it your way but even when things are going the way you like. To wake up from the illusion called mind you must completely reject its story ... all of it...The GOOD AND BAD!!

That which existed before something came up is truth…truth does not arise…its the foundation

Existence is a foundation upon which the rest of the novel called mind or world is built. Once you retrace that foundation rest of the story falls apart on its own....

Are you really clear??

Many people think they are clear about things only because they are just on over drive and chasing a goal but the moment you start watching your thoughts carefully you will be confused! Till a few moments ago you might have believed you are Mr. Clarity and now you have under microscope started to see … Continue reading Are you really clear??

Is there something called clarity????

We are under a magical spell cast by our desires to see or if may say believe that we see things to be clearly existent but in reality everything your senses perceive is an illusion , a dream just like the one you see when you go to sleep! As your wisdom ripens your notion … Continue reading Is there something called clarity????

It’s a fake story! Don’t struggle! Wake up wisely!!

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