You don’t need to be serious to succeed.. #Leadership #Success #Psychology #Mindfulness #Awakening

When your too serious you loose the game of life...and the game has to stop and it becomes necessary to start a new is about awakening and you awaken when you relax deeply..we must succeed but the correct way to succeed is when you enjoy the journey mindfully....all obstacles are just thoughts...there is no … Continue reading You don’t need to be serious to succeed.. #Leadership #Success #Psychology #Mindfulness #Awakening

Pay attention to your class!! #leadership #inspiredliving #mindfulness

There is only one teacher in the cosmos...That is God...everybody you meet and yourself are all students...the teacher comes to you as a student and enacts a lesson...your job is not to judge but to learn you must sit still and pay attention to the class, the class is in your breathing, pay attention … Continue reading Pay attention to your class!! #leadership #inspiredliving #mindfulness

Need some help???? #suffering #problems #wisdom #mindfulness

Hey little self, All the powers of God are in you. You must activate the powers and meditation does just that. When your having troubles I do feel compassion but remember that compassion needs to be delivered wisely or else it will YOU weak.  It is important to know that you have a role in … Continue reading Need some help???? #suffering #problems #wisdom #mindfulness

Contemplate this………#contemplation #WhoAmI #WisdomYoga #KmowledgeYoga #Freedom

Are you not aware of thoughts? Do they still belong to you? Are you not aware of the body? You are not the body or mind! Your the witness of these and completely unrelated to them!!! You are the unknown, the unknowable! When you deeply relax instead of the logical ( boring you), the Mystical  … Continue reading Contemplate this………#contemplation #WhoAmI #WisdomYoga #KmowledgeYoga #Freedom

The most important thing right now…….

Its Time to slow down, and stop and plan your journey!! #change #leadership

When your car is moving at a high speed you would need to first have a plan and route map of where you want to go before you can change course of the car! So too your body is a car and moving in most people's life unconsciously powered by ancient memories down history Lane! … Continue reading Its Time to slow down, and stop and plan your journey!! #change #leadership

Dont waste your time chasing power and position!!! BE THE POWER!!!#Leadership #Love #Mind #Meditation

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Drop your anchor into the ocean now! You have arrived! Don’t keep searching for your destination! Your destination is “NOW AND HERE”! #happiness #nowhere #love #peace #Mindfulness #Meditation #Leadership

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I love this quote!!! # Wisdom #Mind #Zen #Yoga #Leaderships #LeadersMustBeIntuitive

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Do Not Worry!! #Leadership #Truth #WakeUp #Mindfulness #WisdomYoga #EnlightenedLiving

Life is inverted when you try to understand and play the game outwardly! What your eyes and senses tell you is out there is actually not outside but the opposite I.e its your thoughts your thinking that appear to be out there! Working Models of the world Matter is king for the foolish ego! No … Continue reading Do Not Worry!! #Leadership #Truth #WakeUp #Mindfulness #WisdomYoga #EnlightenedLiving

Can you manifest anything you want???

Love yourself unconditionally now and here!

Do you…….?

In most of the corporate world, its a judgement game, then fire following a hire! If you want to use your work to evolve spiritually you must approach differently! The people you deal with are only giving you a chance to love yourself! Since your not looking inward, the only option you have is to … Continue reading Do you…….?

Hey Little Selfie,….

hey little selfie, Here is your job profile which you misplaced! If you need anything call me! I'll be Glad to ease you Off your burdens and set you free if you do just your job! Love, Your Higher Self Mohan Sundaram email: Skype: what's ap: +918790171132

Humor Awakens You To Your Reality

mohan sundaram (@mohansundaram73) tweeted at 9:08 AM on Tue, Sep 08, 2015: Who says u can't accomplish serious things jokingly? Your ego sells u that! Your here to spread laughter and smiles not to put people down and sad! All you need to do is make it your job to be happy and that is … Continue reading Humor Awakens You To Your Reality

Managing Time

@mohansundaram73 Those who do " don't talk"! They just do! Those who don't do " don't do!" They "only talk". Do you "do" or "talk?" #Leadership #Mindfulness Take money for e.g. When you have a desire and money available you have a choice, fulfil your desire and if you do money is spent. You cant … Continue reading Managing Time

Live a working holiday life instead of a beach holiday every year!

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What did you notice about the people you met today?

make note of things that interest you both positively ( like) and negatively (dislikes)! Write them down in your diary! one by one revisit them but do it mindfully! Think of the people you like and hate and what you noticed in them and relive it and now notice also what those produce in you, … Continue reading What did you notice about the people you met today?

Thoughts Vs Karma or is it thoughts = Karma????

Now I am not really here to debate but would like to use this Topic to lead you to a secret on how karma operates! Once you grasp it you can progress faster in clearing up karma and enlighten yourself faster while you live in the world! From a popular and majority stand point of … Continue reading Thoughts Vs Karma or is it thoughts = Karma????

Should you self evaluate or instead evolve??

We live in a world obsessed with evaluation at all stages be it work or home but if you think about it what is the use of evaluating anything when everything in the world is constantly changing! Our eyes being attached to the illusion does not see through the trick of time but as your … Continue reading Should you self evaluate or instead evolve??

Just meditate! There is no perfect meditation than meditation itself!

Outcomes are distractions part of the mind and its stories! Be disinterested in them by staying a distant observer of the mental processes! Even now at this moment you are free. You have no obligation to act on your thoughts but you must gain that conviction through wisdom of meditation! The wisdom is simple - … Continue reading Just meditate! There is no perfect meditation than meditation itself!

Our Mind Is a Factory!

This is an analogy to help integrate Mind Body Awareness into your daily life! Your mind is a factory of thoughts (desires) and much of these are from very ancient memories of your many lives! Depending on the state of affairs of thoughts this factory output will either be a healthy and happy output which … Continue reading Our Mind Is a Factory!

What happens when you eat crap?

Obviously you fall sick, get derailed, and depending on your immunity and discipline you recover or maybe decline further! Well, I would like to expand the definition of eating from food to anything your senses consume! Be choosy and consume only those things that will help you grow in love! Reject those which will make … Continue reading What happens when you eat crap?

There are no obstacles….

The obstacle is the path. -Zen proverb - What we call obstacle is the ego's perception but truly speaking it is the path! You are every thing and everywhere! The people who you don't like are you! The only way forward is to love yourself. When you love yourself you melt obstacles and everyone … Continue reading There are no obstacles….

Preventing arguments and wars….

Your memories of past experiences manifest as your thinking pattern and thoughts lead to feelings and actions! When you don't pay attention to your thoughts, it is like a child seeking attention! When it does not get it, it goes out and does mischief and tells you what it wanted to tell you initially without … Continue reading Preventing arguments and wars….