Are you scared to die???

Hey little self, If you want freedom from fear, anxiety etc you must unwrap the gift pack ( fear of death)! Investigation of " Who am I ?" Unwraps the gift of freedom from Truth! You equate failure to death! You think you are the one that dies and is born and hence you have … Continue reading Are you scared to die???

Keep Me Clean Please!

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Would you like to repeat……or….

As long as your not mindful history will repeat itself! The moment each of us choose to be 100% responsible we will choose mindfulness to micro manage and break free from our sub conscious memories and that is when our world will be a place filled with love. Mindfulness cultivates love in all aspects of … Continue reading Would you like to repeat……or….

One Hug for my right and one hug for my wrong also! I love my confusions for they are a part of me. Do you???

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Scrap all agenda and love unconditionally!

As long as you have an agenda you will miss your lesson and fail your class! All you need to pass your class of life is 100% presence in the now! Any agenda derails purity and skews and biases the way you see and what you see! In fact even good agenda is a waste … Continue reading Scrap all agenda and love unconditionally!

How much do you love to your Self?

A good number of people will have a long list of things they consider they need to improve on and very few would really feel good and whole as they are now! The key to enlightenment is to love yourself wholly and unconditionally ( no buts, its etc) now and here! Recognising that we don't … Continue reading How much do you love to your Self?