The power of IF #leadership #mind #unconscious #overcomeresistance #mindfulness #changework

You don’t need to be the best! You just need to be more and more of You!!!! #leadership #mindfulness #wisdomyoga

Do you…….?

In most of the corporate world, its a judgement game, then fire following a hire! If you want to use your work to evolve spiritually you must approach differently! The people you deal with are only giving you a chance to love yourself! Since your not looking inward, the only option you have is to … Continue reading Do you…….?

Are you a successful owner or a 100% responsible owner??

Take a look at @mohansundaram73's Tweet: Are you the owner who likes to own success and blame failure on others or do you take 100% ownership of both?? #ownership #success #failure Mohan email: Twitter : @mohansundaram73 Skype: mohan.sundaram.73

The quickest way to success is ………..

Everyone you meet has only one purpose be it at work, home etc! The interaction is showing you what your mind is thinking! Since your not paying sufficient time and attention to looking into the mind, the only way to show you what your mind is up to is to show the same in the … Continue reading The quickest way to success is ………..

Business is not just about prosperity! it’s about awakening at a deeper level!

Mohan email: Twitter : @mohansundaram73 Skype: mohan.sundaram.73

Don’t jump!!!

Your negative thinking is not an obstacle that you need to run away from or jump above and get away from! They are left overs of memories left with some negative electric charge! You can neutralise their negative charge by paying attention! The competition is not with others! It is never with others! In fact … Continue reading Don’t jump!!!