Experience the breath mind connection….

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Keep your eyes fully closed or slightly open so that you don't fall asleep…and watch the breath enter the nostrils and leave the nostrils and when thoughts arise don't follow them stay with watching and observe the impact it has on the breath in terms of smoothness, flow, temperature. Now when the breath begins to enter the nostril question. It as follows : Who is breathing? (Don't answer it, just ask and observe..did you notice the inhalation stopped). Now ask yourself Who am I and observe where your breath goes…follow it attentivelyas deep as you can..it is going back to the source…the divine psychiatrist in us…the universal self…. If you kept doing this for a while a few hours the inhalation and exhalation will halt and the illusion of individuality will disappear and you will know yourself to be the One that appears as many. The fact that thoughts and these questions impact the breath must make you realize breath and mind are connected. You can transcend I.e go beyond mind by mastering breath control and likewise once you master the mind I.e unplug from the thinking, you go beyond the mind and breath. #breathwork #selfknowledge #awakethesoul #mindbodysoul #Meditation #selfinquiry #selfrealization

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