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Until you drop your identity of name and form every experience will have with it a belief that it creates in you. Some beliefs will help you climb up the ladder while those limiting ones will pull you down. The problem with beliefs is they are not easily evident to you. A person wearing a yellow sunglass sees the world yellow and starts to believe the world is yellow..until he remembers the problem is he is wearing a sunglass that is making it yellow. Your belief that you are the body is like a filter and distorts your perception and to help you awaken, the beliefs created are in your memories that are deep in your sub conscious. Many of your behaviours are driven by them and they have been there for a very long time. Use your life to meditate and bring these unwanted beliefs to the surface of consciousness to burst into nothingness so that your free of them. That's the greatest help you can do for the world. As long as we view the world through any kind of belief system there will be different points of view, argument and wars. To unify, we must do an inward unification with our reality and then outward unification HAPPENS. #leadershipcoach #Meditation #mindfulnesscoaching #mindprogramming #mindbodysoul #meditationcoach #worldeconomicforum #worldpeace #leadershipchallenge #awakethesoul #yogalife #inspirationalquotes #hooponopono #pexels #mindyourbusiness #mindset #politics #zen #Therapy #positivepsychology #nlp #hypnosis #subconscious #beliefs #lawofattraction

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