Maybe they just mean the same thing…

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Probe deep into what is mind and you will conclude it does not Matter…for it's an illusion and probe deep into the nature of matter and you will conclude Never MIND… Mind and matter are one…matter is the projection part of the illusion and the mind is story…both are illusions…only consciousness the invisible screen on which an apparent movie is projected is truth…all else is a movie… Knowing existence beyond mind and matter allows you flexibility to either play and exit wisely and at free will or be at peace and distance yourself from the game. Either way, the common tool is meditation. Learn to master the mind. The mind a great tool but a lousy master. You truly can live a conscious life fully only when the past life memories and for that your third eye chakra has to be activated. It can be activated through devotional methods, prayer, meditation but a practise with that goal is required. The energy that opens chakras rises up the spine when the mind and body relaxes (stops thinking) and allows for sub conscious blocks to be cleared by piercing through those memory blocks. This requires time and practise. It won't happen with visualization. Do also grab the yoga sutras of patanjali to get an idea of the practises required to prepare yourself to meditate. Much like a warm up for sport, our lifestyle and values of life must allign to accomplish such a goal. #leader #leadershipcoach #spirituality #awaken #mindfulnesscoaching #mindmanagement #mindprogramming #mindbodysoul #mindyourbusiness #SuccessTherapy #mindsetofgreatness #mindset #yogi #lifecoaching #Meditation #zen

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