That’s the process of awakening…..

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That's what spiritual practise does to set you free…when you either meditate or chant a name or do hooponopono or anything else, it begins to warm up your frozen memories lying deep in your sub conscious and boils them up and brings the to the surface to burst into nothingness. When the memories are gone your left with a clean white board. That's why when people start meditation they get all kinds of dream and memories and people think it's not working but actually it's working well. The state of peace and tranquility is an end state …those who you see having it today have journeyed through their memories and fears…bubbles must be warmed and heated till they rise to the surface to burst…so too your unconscious memories have to be cleaned up and this happens when they are pushed into your conscious mind to evaporate and leave you free.. #spirituality #Meditation #mindfulnesscoaching #leadershipcoach #transformationalcoach #mindset #mindbodysoul #mindfulness #yogi #transformationalcoach #lifecoaching #mindmanagement #kundaliniyoga

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