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We go on making meanings of events (and all events are just dreams) and the meaning we make depends on your UNDERSTANDING of your Self. If your definition is I am (insert your name), your meanings would swing like a monkey swinging on tree branches based on your beliefs. Your beliefs are meanings you create when you pay attention to something…may be a conversation of two people or a self talk in your head …and more than often this belief becomes the shade like a sunglass with which you skeptically or optimistically look at the world…the real view is one where there is NO FILTER and that state is Nirvana and is not achieved by effort or enacting it…it is achieved by questioning your core belief with the question WHO AM I …if you had to stop a tree from growing, chopping the branches is an ineffective idea, the effective way is to burn the root…the root of ego is the belief you are the body…and the fire that can burn it is the question Who am I.. #spirituality #mindfulnesscoaching #Meditation #mindmanagement #mindprogramming #egodeath #selfconfidence #mindset #mindyourbusiness #mindbodysoul #mindfulness #awakenings #leadershipchallenge #leadershipcoach #lifecoaching #transformationalcoach

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