The sure way to loose …. #leadership #spirituality #mindfulness

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Meditation is not about's about surrender of the memory driven mind…control is ego and love is about surrender..Befriend your breath, mind, feelings and dark side and they will help you achieve surrender. When people meditate they often start with the flawed idea that they are going to become mystics. Trash has to come out and it might scare you but remember this the only thing you need to remember is you are sitting and watching thoughts not reality. Because of your identification with thoughts they seem real and it's for the same reason that memories impact the thought body. Mindfully separate your self by shifting your focus to watching breathing instead of the movie (thoughts)… #leadershipcoach #Meditation #meditationcoach #meditationcoachbrisbane #wisdom #nlpcoaching #lifecoaching #lifestrategy #mindfulness #spirituality #yogalife #zen #memory #subliminal #subconscious

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