Are you ready to wake up from the dream?

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I am (insert your name), I am (insert your friend's name), I am (insert the name of someone you hate) Did you notice the last one was difficult? How difficult was it? How badly was your physiology affected? Did you notice the I am of every scenario drew your attention to the heart? The "I am" is not personal the way ego conceives it to be, it is universal, the universal " I am" is the silent awareness witnessing the cosmic movie, and is the ocean declaring I am all the waves (yourself, your friends your enemies etc) Can you connect the mirror principle here? If the one is many then all it is doing is reflecting to you what mental activity is going on in your UNCONSCIOUS MIND There is a lot of your energy that is split and wasted by the split of like and hate..when you learn to dissolve like & hate that energy is wholesome, creative and productive as opposed to having strong preferences of likes and hates. Hates are negative likes and a huge amount of energy is wasted on maintaing negative memories and likewise less energy is used for maintaining positive energies. To live in freedom means to be free from the effect of any from conditioning of any sort… #spirituality #Meditation #awakethesoul #mindpower #mindbodysoul #mindsetofgreatness #leadershipcoach #transformationalcoach #mindfulnesscoaching #selfconfidence #emotionalintelligence #nlp #Therapy #nlpcoaching #lifecoaching #lifemeaning #lifehack #yogachallenge #purposedrivenlife #hooponopono #loa #lawofattraction

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