Learning from life is about upgrading your framework of Self Understanding

Life is a search for your true core and one way to find your true core is to learn what is covering your true core through interaction with people and the emotional responses such interactions trigger but that is painfully slow.

Even though you can know about what’s clouding your core identity through interaction, your unlikely to learn your lesson even then because we undertaken interactions with some kind of agenda. True learning happens when you have no agenda, not even the agenda of learning…just simple and PURE Non judgemental observation.

A more efficient way of being a fast learner and a way to heal all your Dark memories is to revisiting your core framework with enquiry and then reveal date the meaning of your life experiences from the newly learned perspectives.

About your core

We have grown up on a core belief that we are this body and to that definition, we add on identification with things like thoughts feelings, emotions etc..with such understanding of our core revisiting memories does not really help. Until you develop a new way of looking at emotions and feelings.. your wasting time and you will also keep attracting more and more events with such wrong understanding.

Now is dissociating an emotion from a memory useful or not. …I don’t know the answer to that but what can be useful to know is that emotions are not bad.. they are like signals to tell when you’ve e gone way off the road and are about to crash.


A more direct route is to investigate the core belief of who you are. This can seem scary given that you have lived a good no of life years with this belief unquestioned but here is a good reason for some of you to consider investigating this belief…you must have run around quite a bit and done many combinations and variants of ideas but you’re still puzzled and confused and not feeling inner peace..maybe there is one place you did not search and that could be your own core belief that you are the body…has untruth attached to it…

Now people who made you feel you are the body did not do this to keep you ignorant but they had no better answer. You could now make a change, know your true nature and help free others of delusion as well.

The nature of enquiry into your true nature…

The framework is simple and based on the simple concept of an observation and a kind of enquiry where you hold the question/ observation by passing and letting go any intellectual answers till your questions leads you to an experiential answer

The core principle..

If you can observe a thing or a feeling etc, it has to be different from you and that’s why you can KNOW that thing..and you must first exist, before knowing anything else.

Now close your eyes …are you not aware of the body…( and note the intellect jumping to answer the question intellectually..don’t fight it just park it aside) and immerse yourself into taking note of the observation deeply into a stillness…

Do the same with thoughts and feelings and emotions…

Now if something in the body had to be YOU which part of the mind body complex could it be…explore all possibilities, all types of cells , parts of cells, fluids, breath, intellect and like always investigate keeping the intellectual answers aside..they come from memory and have kept you in the Dark for many lives..

This form of therapy is far easier, more efficient and you are your therapist. It’s called Awakening therapy.. churn such an enquiry in your mind with a middle attitude ( not too serious not too lax) and the enquiry erases the cloud around our true nature…

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