What is forgiveness? #mindfulness #leadership #lifehacks #mindset

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This is the Vicious cycle: Memories make you think Thinking makes you feel and act Actions driven by the memory drive you memories deeper and a message that the ego chooses to believe is the learning say for example a hurt memory can drive a belief that " I am not loveable!" Or " I am not worthy of success" and such beliefs keep you from being proactive and embracing life… And this mindset will keep attracting more of this kind of events… What is the best way to erase all erroneous beliefs at one go? Seek out the truth of life.. Who am I? This is the best method and most efficient change producer..don't try to figure out where they came from, instead seek out your true self and take these hurts as your blessings that make you seek your true self… Do people celebrate success in a church or temple??? Never right…likewise these events are designed to awaken you…when. Someone is to deeply asleep, a nightmare is required to wake them up… Regression therapy, CBT, NLP and other practises can help those who are not inclined to diving into the direct cause of the belief system… #spirituality #angermanagement #awaken #mindbodyconnection #mindbodysoul #lifecoaching #mindfulnesscoaching #leadershipcoach #leadershipchallenge #emotionalintelligence #beliefs #limitingbeliefs #loa #yogalife

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