What do you want in your life and why and who wants them? #leadership #mindbodysoul #awakening #mindfulness #lifehacks

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What do you not want in your life? Once your done with that… Write an essay on what do you want in life and why do you think you should have it? How would it make you feel? Do this and did you notice the the first was easier and we could go on and on…it's as good as complaining….now while you were writing what you did not want did you pay attention to your feelings? Where did you feel sensations? How would you describe those sensations? What images came up? Now did you notice that writing the second one was quite difficult….you must have struggled thinking and trying to visualize… Well that is the case for most of us and it's not a bad start..it's just a starting point…we all tend to be negatively wired…because our memories and negative beliefs are deeply wired and they block you ability to visualize… Even so that being the case it's important to start thinking positively using your negative framed goals…transform them into positive goals…not revenge based goals and writing them positively and being aware of your feelings while you write them helps in transmuting negative energy into positive energy…and while you write your positive goals be aware of there is negative feelings and acknowledge then with thank you and I love you..do this everyday and the answer to the second question gets easier, clearer and your on your on your way to planning and achieving your goal… To develop more power to transmute negativity into positive vibes include meditation… #growthmindset #successmindset #leadershipcoach #mindfulnesscoaching #lifehacks #mindfulness #emotionalintelligence #emotions #feelings #Meditation #loa #lawofattraction #mindmanagement #mindprogramming #mindpower #mindblown

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