Why is success so important to us? #leadership #mindset #nlp #therapy #productivity

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Deep in our core we know that we are invincible creators and we have lost ourselves in this magical jungle of illusions so much so that we are have virtually forgot who we are and how we got here but retain the core memory that we are one with the creator. Knowing this at our core keeps us striving to rise when we fail and try again till we get it right and this is a good principle to keep us motivated . However it's not an efficient way of returning back to oneness with our creator. We would in such a method of outward projected efforts have to keep striving for success in so many fields for which so many lives would be required. A balance of rejecting failure and persistence to success outwardly as well as Inner breath work and mind management combined with outer work that is in synchrony with inner work will give us the balance of success in outer world endeavours and oneness with our creator internally. Keep this in mind. This movie has a time delay. Your perception created your world and there is no failure. There is only feedback. Your experience of life is giving you feedback on how congruent is your mind and body physiology…and as you practise inner work and sync outer and inner work your feedback system will show you success. So in essence your drive to succeed is to revalidate your oneness with the creator. #successlife #SuccessTherapy #successmindset #ceomillionaires #mindfulnesscoaching #mindmanagement #mindpower #mindbodysoul #mindmystery #leadershipcoach #leadershipchallenge #leadwithlove #leadtheway #mindfulnesscoaching #meditation #mindfulness #yogainspiration #karma #spirituality

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