Your quest for success is not about success…it’s only a means of knowing thy self #mindfulness #leadsrship #yoga #obstacles #challenges #solutions

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The most efficient is a direct enquiry into your nature – Who am I and the search erases the ego leaving you with your blissful nature once the consciousness of the illusion called world is no more felt. For those not directly doing a search you can meditate and look within where you know more layers of your Self by transcending the mind and intelligence gradually and through that your understanding gets more consolidated and wholesome. Devotion and prayer also help likewise in the same way when you chant and reflect on a mantra. Let's say your only goal is success and you don't do anything of the above a motivation to succeed will keep your striving for a goal and in doing so you will face challenges and these challenges are your own limiting beliefs. To overcome them you can't only work hard to conquer them. Unknowingly you learn to surrender and when you stop being rigid you get solutions to overcome the obstacles. Sometimes you might modify the goal or path to make it more encompassing and considerate of the ecology at hand or at stake. You will develop an understanding by conquering them that you are beyond name and form. You only use the body and activity to validate your Self Undertsanding. To make your success faster add on meditation everyday in the morning so that you can weed out obstacles as limiting beliefs from your sub conscious mind and simultaneously you will develop the curiosity to know more about your Self. #midlifecrisis #mindfulnesscoaching #leadershipcoach #successmindset #successlife #goalsetting #goals #nlp #mindbodysoul #leadershipchallenge #yoga #mindfulness #spirituality #subconsciousmind

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