Separating the awareness from the mind…. # spirituality #mindfulness #meditation #intuition #lifehacks

Developing awareness of thought process needs to be developed and developing this ability opens the door for you to access your own higher nature if your inclination is to do so or, it can help you effectively use the law of attraction since you would have with you the ability to see yourself as different from a past mindset and as also having the ability to consciously think In a new way. So whatever be the goal, developing awareness is common intersection.

Developing awareness is in a true sense an incorrect word. Awareness already exists. In fact it is real existence, and with some practise you can intuit it.

Here is one method:

Focus at some point in your body. It could be the tip of the nose or the tummy. Watch the breathing process. When you watch you will notice it’s almost impossible to watch. Not even a second and you’ve gone to some other time zone with the thinking. That’s a perfect start. Don’t panic. You just need to be patient with your self and every time the mind wanders away bring it back to your chosen focus point. At this stage you may still not be aware of thoughts but it’s crucial that you persist patiently.

Think of what happens when two surfaces that are stuck are being separated. The separation is not instant. Due to many years of identification with the mind, separating awareness requires patience. The more you practise you will FEEL (intuit) your difference from thinking and as you do more practise, the separation from the new You ( awareness) and the thought widens and this is felt as thoughts that seem to be producing less feelings and emotions and finally at some stage your loose connect with thoughts which is awakening…

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