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The belief that "I" is the body is the root of confusion at individual and global scale and the efficient way to solve issues is to clear this confusion first for yourself. Challenge the fundamental belief and let it shake up your foundations and don't be scared….it will crumble and it's good if it does for your standing on a flimsy premise..but when it does give way the eternally strong premise is where you merge into and operate from thereafter. Shadows are illusions …they don't actually exist but can be perceived….likewise the feeling of individuality (body)is an illusion…it's a mere supposition of dream nature and has no substantial truth to it. Take even past lives. If you can remember how you died in a previous life it means even then you were the witness of the ego dying then… Who am I?/is an investigation that does answer the mystery but it does so differently. Conventionally we experience answers outside but what thois enquiry does is it erases wrong understanding and your true nature is left shining of its own…I.e. you don't perceive your transformation…others may see you change and remark so but as far as you are concerned your just operating from better understanding of your Self. The Self is awareness and awareness is universal not personal. Awareness is omniscient, omnipresence and omnipotent. #selfconfidence #leadershipcoach #mindfulnesscoaching #yogi #clarity #leadershipchallenge #awakethesoul #mindbodysoul #Therapy #egodeath #ego

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