Maybe it’s the other way round…??? #perspective #mindmanagement #mindmovie #lifehack #mindfulness #emotionalintelligence

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The ego can see problems as things falling apart but the Higher Self brings problems to you to set you back on the path of awakening and not fall for the ego trap.. Faith is the opposite of fear and anxiety. What do you have faith in? Nobody can actually have faith on things that have to do with change (change =mind = dream experience =Ego). Place your faith in the truth thag you are the witness of the mind…and not the mind… A powerful ego therapy to have ready is to question your thoughts and feelings: WHO is thinking? WHO is feeling? Then ask Who am I? Say to yourself I love you…(initiates sub conscious healing of beliefs that made those thought patterns rise)… This practise brings about a surrender of the lower mind to the higher self (awareness) As you go about your day bring this questioning into play.. do it for all things good and bad…(that's the key)..soon the monkey mind will not misbehave…and only inspiration will drive you …. #Meditation #healing #Therapy #awakethesoul #hypnoticregression #selfactualization #ego #mindfulnesscoaching #leadershipcoach #leadershipchallenge #mystics

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