There is no imperfect moment #healing #hooponopono #mindfulness #emotions #emotionalawareness

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That brings to that moment an intense gathering of feelings of all the memories from various lifetimes including this one and expresses as an emotion and if you're willing to take responsibility i.e stop being a victim(complainer), then you now in this powerful moment can release the memory that has been written with breath work…notice what images come to your mind, who are the people you see, what words, how is your breathing, what sensations catch your attention…and now you can heal yourself by applying brakes… (Breathe in consciously) and when you do say to yourself "I love you" and hold your breath for few seconds and while you hold say to yourself (I am sorry, please forgive me) , the. Exhale (and say to yourself Thank You, I forgive myself) and keep a log and rate your emotions on a scale of 1 to 10. With this practise you should see the score come down as you keep doing it for big things and small things alike… #healing #emotionalfreedomtechiques #tapping #subconscious #hooponopono #leadershipcoach #mindfulnesscoaching #mindprogramming #emotions #feelings

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