To solve problems from the root you don’t need solutions from the ego…you need to surrender.. #healing #therapy #hooponopono #leadership #mondfulness #meditation #problems #solutions

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Over simplification of the problem is a cognitive distortion of the mind we all face but here is the irony …while we allow this to happen as it's beyond our control..when simplistic solutions are given they are rejected because it's just too unbelievably simple… Very often we tend to think A event lead to event B but truth be told it's much more complex than that…the event B might be related to A but some things caused event A and likewise there is a whole chain that remains a msytery. That's why just trying to modify a few things makes a habit removal not as easy as we think. However here it is important to understand that the sub conscious mind won't listen to a command from us and obey us so is a divine child and it knows the cause of all problems.. you have to win its friendship with love (love is non judgemental awareness) and when you love your sub conscious non judgementally it will slowly release the memories that it has accumulated over so many lives that culminate in behavioural and perceptual abberations. So how do you know what to heal or fix? You don't need to. What you need to do is surrender the feeling of knowing which has a lot of falsehood and instead start to heal yourself with love. The next time you have a problem with someone you interact with or a headache or a sensation or an emotion turn your attention inward and begin the healing process by being aware of thoughts, feelings and images that show up and say to yourself two simple healing phrases: I love you Thank you You can even inhale I love you and exhale Thank You Saying these two phrases calls upon the Highest Self to the effect of saying OK I shall take responsibility now instead of complaints and start the healing process.. #hooponopono #leadershipcoach #mindfulnesscoaching #mindmanagement #mindprogramming #subconscious #pastliferegression #hypnosis #healing #Therapy #wisdom #peaceofmind #Meditation #mindfulness #emotionalintelligence #memoriess #augmentedreality #antivirus #antidepressants #SuccessTherapy #successmindset #mindbodysoul #mindvalley #mind #successtips

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