Questions and investigation lead you to knowing your self #selfenquiry #contemplation #mindfulness #mentalhealth

The fundamental premise for Carrying out this enquiry is a subject (Perceiver) and Object (Perceived) framework. The objective is to use this framework to relook at who is the Subject (Perceiver).

Let’s take seeing as an example…a distant object somewhere in your field of view.. and for this illustration I will use a tree …

The object : Tree Subject: Your Physical Eyes (Image on the eye)

And let’s take this to what happens inside of you to actually perceive…the retina transmits the image to the brain’s the brain that actually sees and the brain operates as some form of thinking thought memory the tree image (inverted retinal image triggers in the brain some thought memory reaction that helps you label the thought as a tree.. but here is where you can take the investigation deeper…

You are aware of thoughts…so thoughts are also an object and the perceiver of thoughts is a silent awareness or existence..note that awareness has no quality of object nature (name form sound smell touch etc) it can only be intuited relatively through an objective experience. The more often you contemplate inward you will be intuiting more and more of that awareness and feel one with that instead of this objective world…

Since awareness is beyond any form of intellectual grasp the only way to become one with it is to surrender (unplug, drop the mind, dissociate from mind association)

You can do this enquiry with all your sensory experiences….

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