You can never be emotionally reasonable…. #leadership #mindfulness #meditation #emotions #willpower #unplug #consciousness #lifecoach #lifehacks

You may feel the earth is stationary but that is not correct. The feeling is incorrect…the fact is the earth rotates…

Let’s say you feel anoid…it’s true your Feeling angry…but think about this…how could you know that??? Unless possibly you were aware of angry feeling….so evolve to the next best way of viewing your emotion..

I am angry…(this is when people are deep asleep in the dream).. this is a feeling not a fact…

I am aware of anger in me.( that’s waking up) it’s still a feeling but the fact part is growing….

I am awareness and anger is different from me (identification has gone..your awake and alive)..this is the truth…and identification with emotion has ceased….the goal of awakening is to break free from mind (thoughts, feelings and emotions)

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