Suggestions to make your tommorow better than today.. #lifehacks #mindfulness #meditation #leadershipchallenge #subconsciousmind #hooponopono #selfrealization #yogalife #sleep #neuroleadership

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Do the following: 1. Don't consume news or any content that the mind is passionate about (positive or negative). Avoid news aps and TV 2. Reflect on your day experiences and let go of stuck emotions. Take responsibility and let go and don't be a victim by blaming others for your experiences. 3.Meditate for 20 minutes or if your devotional chant a manthra 108 times and 9 rounds before sleep. 4. Inquire within Who am I for a few minutes before sleep and do an intense inquiry. When you lay the groundwork for the mind in the form of such inquiry it will use the dream and deep sleep to rewire and give you a experience of who you might be. Keep this in mind. Sleep not only recharges but it is a great time to reprogram or remodel your augmented reality movie of life. If your using subliminal music night is a great time before sleep to lay the groundwork work for the mind. Listen to your subliminal just before or sleep off with it. #Meditation #hypnosis #subliminal #Therapy #lifecoaching #lifehack #wisdom #spirituality #mindfulnesscoaching #mindfulness #mindprogramming #leader #leadershipcoach #leadershipchallenge #yogainspiration

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