Don’t put the cart before the horse #healing #leadershipcoach #mindfulness #meditation #therapy #healing

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Before most disease strikes the body, they lurk in your mind as thought patterns and many are sub conscious. Through meditation and self awareness bring them into the conscious and neutralise them with awareness and if you do that your body will not get into serious illness and likewise behaviour patterns will get corrected. The more efficient way to heal is to work on the mind and the healthy mind will heal the body and drive healthy habits… When you work the other way round i.e. behaviour change without mind work, you may find that sustainable change is sometimes difficult and relapse happens. When the memories that drive unhealth behaviours are healed all else gets healed as well #hypnosis #regression #memory #subconscious #psychotherapy #healing #LetGo #health #mindfulnesscoaching #lifehacks #leadershipcoach #ego #LetGo

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