Do you know the reason for your stress? #stress #lifehacks #leadership #mindfulness #lifecoach #mindfulnesscoaching #leadershipcoaching

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Stress is the result of your belief that you can control something that is not under your control. You cant control the sub conscious mind. Try it and see your blood pressure go up. You can unplug and that will destress you. You need to be aware of how the mind operates by watching it from a distance and as you observe you will realize that observing it you do not get involved in trying to control or manipulate and when your not watching you get Unconsciously involved in manipulation and stress happens. Nobody can ever consciously get stressed. Conscious life will allow you to relax..when from cosnciously i.e do things with self awareness of what you do you slow down, you thinking slows and finally stops…when thinking stops the movie or dream stops and you get to see through if you are awake when the movie stops.. .. #mindfulnesscoaching #cognitivebehaviortherapy #cbt #mindmanagement #hypnosis #Therapy #Meditation #kriyayoga #yogalife #emotionalintelligence #eft #leadershipcoach #mentalhealth #stressrelief #stressed #control #angermanagement #moods #moodswings

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