You are the obstacle and can potentially be the solution as well..which game are you playing now? #leadership #lifehacks #mindfulness #meditation #coaching

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When your unconscious of thoughts your identified with the thinking process and that stops to the flow of healing energy. So You are the obstacle to your healing and You can become the solution by unplugging from thoughts and awakening to your eternal nature. The mind body world complex is a dream system and all it requires to heal is to awaken. Do check out the story of Anita Moorjani. As long as you think you are the body or the mind and so on you will keep fighting a fire always… Your eternal nature is pure unsullied consciousness and has never been or will be affected by anything good or bad whatsoever. Remind yourself I am aware of thoughts and feelings they are not me. If it's not you don't keep talking about it and engaging it. Depression can never even come near you if you non judgementally watch your thoughts and feelings… #healing #Therapy #emotionalfreedomtechiques #depression #anxiety #mentalhealthawareness #mindfulnesscoaching #Meditation #leadershipcoach #lifehacks #lifecoaching #livestrong #hooponopono #awaken #soulcycle #soultherapy

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