Freedom from the Vicious cycle.. #meditation #hooponopono #mindfulness #lifehacks #lifecoach

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When your able to recognize this vicious cycle in You you're beginning to awaken and the early sign of it is boredom…Don't run away from's trying to teach you something about you…and if you pay attention you could wake up and enlighten from this dream cycle of viciousness… The mind can't come out of itself for its very nature is cyclic and when you can distance yourself (unplug) from the mind you will see that participating in the mind won't help you or anyone..When you unplug you don't need any therapy and you will simultaneously know that the Mind is just an illusion that should not be given too much importance in your life… A frog living in the well things the well is a big body of water until it jumps high out and sees a river and likewise when you see an ocean the river is a well likewise your definition of who you are keeps you like the frog stuck in the well with a potential to discover infinite bliss beyond what anything the mind (thinking) can give you Thinking = Mind = Memory (U can't stop it don't waste your time is the well in which the frog or ego is stuck…but you can unplug) You are aware of thoughts.. pause here…this is the secret door of life happiness in the now..I'll repeat you are aware ….of thoughts, feelings..Anything you are aware of is NOT YOU.. recognize this wisdom and arise and awake #cbt #therapy #emotionalintelligence #eft #spirituality #mindfulnesscoaching #hypnosis #leadershipcoach #midlifecrisis #lifehacks

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