What’s the efficient way of learning lessons and awakening quickly? #lifehacks #wisdom #hypnosis #memories #subconsciousmind #therapy #eft #emotions #mindmanagement #leadershipcoaching

Life is about lessons and desires drive you to seek your lesson outside in every life but that can be a slow way and inefficient given that in order to learn from experience you must first train to live mindfully. Unfortunately our education’s systems today don’t prepare you for that…they only teach you to make a living and keep you empty…spiritual centres do teach these skills of.living but can be imbalanced in their perspective on worldly survival at times…

The best balance is in your hands. Outside work and inside work are both equally important. For now let me focus on how doing more inside work can make your outer work easier for your progress to your goal.

Desires stem from memories in your sub conscious mind and why did the memories get stuck in your sub conscious first of all?

They got stuck there because in many instances of the past (yesterday, few weeks ago to many life times ago) you asked for an experience and it came but instead of being fully present in the experience and your lack of mind training , your mind drifted to asking for the next experience…

Anyways your unifinshed lessons are available online in your sub conscious memory…you can revisit these lessons using hypnosis and learn what you need to learn from them or release them into your comsciiusness using hooponopono or meditation…

I would recommend both hypnosis and Hooponopono but if your the kind who at this stage is not into any of this kind of internal life I recommend hypnosis. It will help you overcome even subtle behaviours that you may have not paid attention to…and it will amuse you to know of magical ways of progress instead of a long drawn desire, experince and learn process…

These videos will help you learn to meditate and apply Hooponopono..my instablog shares many ideas as well @obstacleclearingcoach

If you need to chat or want help DM me Skype or WhatsApp (+918790171132)

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