60 Negative Emotion Adjectives to Describe Negative Feelings | Clark and Miller #emotions #language #healing #therapy #hypnosis #subconscious

I came across this blog while working on some AI project and in that context felt like sharing a therapeutic dimension to healing and learning. Expression of emotions leads to healing i.e letting go.

In essence we must not estrange ourselves from our emotions..befriend them understand them and learning to express them regulates the release so that you don’t harm yourselves or people you interact with.

It’s very crucial in life to be able to learn to express yourself and this blog will help….

Just keep in mind expression does not make you right or win or loose..expression simply helps you let go of stuck energy…that can be used for more constructive things once released…

60 words to describe negative feelings and emotions in English. Other words for sad, angry, anxious, jealous, regretful, bored and tired.
— Read on www.clarkandmiller.com/60-negative-emotion-adjectives-to-describe-negative-feelings/

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