Every moment is an opportunity to enlighten yourself…. #mindfulness #leadership #emptiness #emotions #feelings #Therapy #coaching #lifehacks

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Every depression, every Excitement is an opportunity to come to neutral zone and awaken to your immortal reality …. Labelling makes the unknown familiar and easier to accept…ask yourself how am I feeling now? Give the feeling a name…so first level of fear is gone with labelling… now you are in a position to begin the unplug process by accepting your now state by saying I am feeling (the label you gave) and as you do inhale and say to yourself I am aware of ( the labelled feeling) and as you breathe out say Thank You to yourself and then again inhale and say to yourself I love you and exhale out thank you and visualize your feeling transmute into a flower of your imagination and offer that flower to a pink light of healing energy that radiates from the centre of your heart and as it expands and reaches the flowers the feeling is gone and so is the flower… #healing #subconsciousmind #Therapy #emotionalintelligence #emotionalfreedomtechiques #mindmystery #mindfulnesscoaching #leadershipcoach #awakening #dream

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