How to be more successful at delivering on commitments? #lifehacks #wisdom #mindfulness #leadership #meditation #intuition

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This is the effect of the sub conscious mind and when your not mindful your get swung by the mood swings of the mind (memories). When you are mindful of thoughts and feelings your hit rate of accuracy in response and success and accomplishments increases because of your connection to the universal self. Don't take decisions in excitement or when your negative. When your in between you will be able to see THROUGH proposals. The universal self intuitively guides you to inspirational outcomes. Practise 20 minutes of meditation every day for this connection to the Universal self to form and deepen and guide your daily life on all things big and small. #lifehacks #wisdom #leadershipcoach #mindfulnesscoaching #awakethesoul #soulfood #SuccessTherapy

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