Complain Less Love More and and Live More Mindfully #Lifehacks #wisdom #mindfulness #meditation #wisdom #leadershipcoaching #mindfulnesscoaching #therapy #healing

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If there is a memory bubbling up when you meditate it simply means it's in neautralized energy that needed release. It does not matter whether you judge that as important or not. Many things have lots of interconnections over so many lives that we have lots bed that it is very hard to gauge the depth of impact. what's important is mindfully at all moments and try to avoid causing more trauma to yourself and people who you interact with. We already have lots of work to clean up. Make life a little easier for you and others. Complain less, Help more with compassion. if transformation is not happening it does not mean love is not working, it means MORE love is required. #health #healing #memory #hooponopono #subconsciousmind #lifehacks #wisdom #Therapy #Meditation #SuccessTherapy #awakethesoul #mindfulnesscoaching #leadershipcoach

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