Wise people surrender … #Leadership #lifehacks #mindmanagement #strategy #surrender #ego # therapy

Even if you lived a 1000 years you can’t not empty the mind of its past and you will keep accumulating more memories.

Past has gone and can’t be altered. The mind is nothing but past. Spending too much time with it won’t give you much useful insights and you will feel stuck.

This is is also one of the problems of mid life crisis where your stuck and you don’t really understand what’s going wrong.

The answer to freshness lies in surrender and surrender means stop making effort for effort comes from the mind and is keeping you stuck. You will recognize this if you observe your thoughts …you are just going around in circles all the time…you have not made much progress and that is evident by how peaceful you have become or declined…in that measure.. if you r on track you will become more and more peaceful…

Unplug is called surrender….

Methods are many…take up one or two (one as an anchor or core practise) and another that helps you stay anchored while your on the go in life…

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