What does it mean to be alive?? #mindfulness #awareness #leadership #awakening #lifehacks

When your asleep to your true nature you think you are doing but truth be told you are nothing but. A series of reactions to what your senses perceive…As you awaken you truly begin to stop reacting and start acting consciously..

What does it mean to do things consciously?

Try this out.. swing your arm casually and note the experience and now do the same swing consciously paying attention to swing every moment..

Did you notice that doing it consciously was like applying a brake to a moving car… that’s exactly the point to note.. when you do things consciously your apply9ng brakes to the unconscious mind to bring it to a halt.. consciousness is your nature and it does not need to do actions… it simply has the power to manifest things magically without struggle.. struggle and effort is the realm of ego and mind…

The objective of doing conscious practise of breathing or any action for that matter is to bring the mind to slow pace by applying brakes and unplugging from it once it has slowed down.

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