Mind does not belong to you… #mindfulness #meditation #spirituality #awakening #freedom

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Controlling the mind wandering habit helps for strategic things like deep contemplation and concentration etc but the wandering nature of the mind won't go away . Mind does not belong to you. Just like consciousness it is also universal and it becomes personal because of your identification with thoughts when your not aware. The strategy for permanent freedom from fear and for eternal peace has to be to unplug from the mind. Mind is desire and desire simply is a search for peace . When you are not aware you buy into desire's false promise of peace ( if you get this experience of the world you will be peaceful and happy). Stop the search and mind identification snaps. The way to put an end to the search is to enquire within yourself " Who am I?" This question is like a suicide pill for the mind and when it engages in this question it kills itself and truth of your being will shine in its full glory. #spirituality #awakening #leadershipcoach #mindfulnesscoaching #selfknowledge #mindmystery

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