Do this simple exercise and stop trying to self transformation..allow self transformation to happen. #leadership #lifecoach #mindfulness #purposefulliving #awareness

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Whatever you do bring mindfulness into it…for e.g…let's say you smoke…don't worry about whether smoking is good or bad, be aware of your inhale and exhale and the feelings and sensations… And just do that..when you eat be aware of chewing…and tastes and sensations, and when you work on your emails be aware that you can identify that someone with (insert your name is typing) and as you are aware notice gently your feelings and sensations…. Do this if not always to start with as frequently and increase the frequency do everything consciously, especially small things if you lifted your pen without paying attention don't beat yourself but don't forget to rewind.. put your pen back and lift it mindfully this time round. … You will notice in a few days tike results are not attractive any more there is more joy on how you do things that you do not what you do…and over few weeks and months and years of this practise your connection with your superconscious omniscient Self grows deeper and you become more and more psychic… #mindfulness #leadershipcoach #living #Meditation #consciousness #purposedrivenlife #joy #successlife #SuccessTherapy #meaningful #wisdomwednesday

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