Prevent depression by training people to live mindfully #health #depression #therapy #leadership

Depression is a serious problem and while millions is invested on treatment it is important for governments to train people on how to live mindfully…

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Anti depression medications….excitement and depression are diseases of the mind- ego complex and you just need to watch your breathing and quickly apply the three step mantra:. Who is thinking? Who am I? I love you Just don't apply too much thinking question all thoughts that excite and depress you and use the three lines (two questions and I love you)… These questions and statement send the thoughts back to the divine psychiatrist in all of us and saying I love you petitions the divine psychiatrist to look into your many lives and heal all of them that have contributed to the thought pattern.#mentalhealth #depression #mindmovies #mindmanagement #health #wisdom #awareness #leadershipcoach

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Connect to your divine psychiatrist with meditation

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