Which pull is stronger in you? #ego #awareness #leadershipcoach #coachinh #wisdom #awareness

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Your job is to facilitate the upper pull by weakening the lower pull by mindful living so that you can gradually unplug yourself from materialistic desires. The goal is not to get passionate but to wake up and realize this life of matter is a dream and return to the authentic self which is not a person per se.. Selfish thinking (worried more about gains) makes the downward pull stronger & you become more of an individual person and selfless thinking (More giving and less taking) makes the upward pull stronger and you become more conscious of being the authentic self and merge into it. #Meditation #kriyayoga #mindfulness #lifehacks #wisdom #awakenings #gamification #advice #inspirational #leadershipcoach #lifeyoga #coaching #lifemeaning #enlightenment #chakras #yogaeveryday

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