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Live consciously in the Now more often…that simply means breathe more consciously and more often…and doing this will open your intuitive power and develop your will power…and to complement this practise streamline your desires (to have none is the best if you want to be superpower) but if that's not your goal have just few not too many for the less you have you will be less fragmented… A simple practise to get myself into the Now is to remind yourself (I do this even today) when inhaling " I am inhaling" and when breathing out " I am exhaling" …you can even bring your self in steps to your breath by reminding yourself where are you in life today, what date is it which room are you sitting in, what sounds do you hear (I am hearing…) Sounds ridiculously obvious but it's power to anchor you in the now is amazing #successlife #wisdom #mindfulness #breathe #Meditation #willpower #intuition #awakethesoul #leadershipcoach

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