Goal setting #leadership

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The moment a goal is set that has to be achieved, stress creeps in and you have already moved further away from achievement. Returning to enlightenment is a reverse process. The goal does not need to be achieved, it is already there and you've just forgotten who or what you are before you became someone… The way to return is to deeply relax and trust that relaxation is enough. Relaxation also cleans the dusty mind. When water is still, and you don't throw stones (stop thinking by watching thoughts), ripples will stop…and the mind will be clean. Likewise muddy waters is best cleaned by allowing the mud to to settle down… Words confuse people and can unconsciously cause stress. The key practise is to talk less and do more..relax more by breathing consciously, watch the mind and unplugging is not something you need to do, it will happen, you only facilitate it by being conscious of breathing… Meditation is not about sitting cross legged or any fancy pose..it's about living a mindfully at all times…including when your doing actions with the body…. #lettinggo #goalsetting #relaxation #breathe #livefully #enjoylife #mindfulness #yogalife #yogainschools #yogachallenge #mindmanagement #Meditation

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