You can know what you are by knowing what you are not… #wisdom #leadfromwithin #leadwithlove #emotionalintelligence #leadership #emotionalintelligence

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What is left once you go beyond thoughts feelings emotions…? You are that and that alone is true existence. All else is castles in the air. You become one of these through ignorance and identifying them as your self but think about this ..if you are aware of something what does it mean? It means it's different from you..that's all you need to know to wake up from the dream…just remember your witnessing a movie called mind or world and all bodies including yours are part of this dream movie….you are the witness of the movie…your are not stuck..but you believe you are stuck… If you think carefully you see an object and your eyes transmit images to the brain to process what that might be by matching your memory bank…the whole process is not live…it's a movie concept..the mind knows everything out there for there is a mind in projects and hides itself and allows your memories to get's an augmented reality movie not a real live show…a dream movie where you are the Hero of your life when you wake up..everybody is waiting for you to get enlightened and lead others to wake up instead of seeking help out there…you are the producer, director , script writer..take 💯 responsibility and wake up.. #mindmystery #awakethesoul #Meditation #nonduality #wisdom #soulfood #Therapy #psychotherapy #hypnosis #lifehacks #leadershipchallenge #leadershipacademy #leadershipdevelopment #leadwithlove #coachinglife #coaches #healing #mentalhealth

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