All are useful for evolution if you’re skillful… #leadership #mindfulneds #Yoga #Therapy #Meditation #Wisdom

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Do this exercise with me… Get a pen and paper and without any thinking for the next 5 minutes just write whatever ideas, words come to your mind and don’t think and revisit the list.. I am sure there is no need to explain what is a monkey mind🙈 Is this totally useless… not necessarily if you’re mindful.. of what’s going on.. social intelligence and focused thinking don’t work simultaneously and both have importance if you know how to use them… When you solve a problem, or like a scientist are looking at a specific issues, you regulate thinking….that’s contemplative.. In Yoga you use concentration. Mind is movement.. you restrict movement.. to a point and mind still exists but it paved the way for the next…. Meditation is about no mind. When you halt the movement of mind you are easily aware of your higher existences awareness and you can dump the identification with the mind and stay in the no mind.. The journey is an evolutionary ladder. You must skilfully use Mind to get out of it and reach no mind.. #meditation #mindfulness #yoga #leadership #learning #therapy #psychotherapy #neuroscience #psychiatry

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