Small things matter the most… #leadership #wisdom #mindfulness #awakening #spirituality #willpower

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To become a master mind you must look upon small things and decisions not seriously but with a higher purpose in mind. .Be genuine about them by first not making commitments very easily. Don't be in haste..hold your breathing and look within and connect to your higher self and see if it's in allignment with achieving a higher purpose and once you make a commitment take it seriously. This will help you build will power credibility and reputation. The no of commitments is not important. Even kids must be thought this. Do what you say and only speak things that you do. When you commit sparingly and with thought about it your likely to have the motivation and energy to act on it and reap the result. #successlife #successtips #leadershipchallenge #commitment #mindmanagement #spirituality #willpower #therapy

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