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The thinking mind is a mad monkey, and the body is a water bubble and it can burst any moment. Never trust in the monkey mind or the the water bubble body. Trust in your conscience to guide you on your decisions. Such decisions will connect you to your life purpose and only when you transcend i.e get beyond the monkey mind can you stay committed. The very nature of the monkey mind is to keep jumping from one tree of thought to another. If you lead your business using that you would be taking brash decisions that don't serve any purpose. Perspective is everything. In truth solid matter is an illusion. All your understanding till now has been from the perspective I am the body mind called (insert your name). The knowledge acquired from this perspective is skewed. To correct the knowledge know your real self and revisit your experiences and you will get a deeper new meaning. Business is spiritual. It's is not separate from spirit. Your success or failure is an indication of harmony or contradiction of your thoughts respectively. Once the inside is in order the outer order is effotless and quick and it's a fun journey. #mindfulness #businessideas #businessstrategy #meditation #kriyayoga #yogalife #managementconsulting #coaching #ceolife #successlife #teacherstuff #parenting #teenagerposts

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