What? Why? How? When? #leadership #success #mindfulness

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Whether it's enlightenment or law of attraction you need some framework to guide your life and into this frame work you need to build in value based principles to live by. If you are reading this to awaken I would add " Who " first and only after you answer Who (Who am I) answer the rest..that's the most efficient way of enjoying the material world and awakening for those who know themselves are blessed with answers to all the rest without asking…. for all others you would need to keep tweaking your directions as you mature and evolve to higher levels of understanding It is important to know the answers to these questions are not easy and you may not always have clear answers but if you practise mindfulness and meditation you will uncover all answers..they lie deep within you…and the easiest excuse to say is I don't know what I want because then you don't need to make any effort and that's the sure way to not learn anything about yourself. It is through efforts snd challenges that you will learn answers to these questions and become skillfully at applying these to anything you take up…money and praise can't be long term motivators.. your own motivation must be harvested and these questions will harvest them for you…and as you do this also explore the obstacles you have…be aware of your negative thought patterns and come up with a conscious plan of how will you become aware when they arise and how will you deal with them… #successlife #successtips #leadershipchallenge #mindmystery #mindpower #Lawofattraction #maya #memory #meditation #psychotherapy #successtherapy

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