Surf the mental thought waves skillfully… #leadership #peace #successtips #mindfulness #meditationasawayoflife #wisdom

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Surf the thought waves skillfully by being non judgemental and being anchored to your being (centre) by being aware of thoughts and breathing and you will navigate to more peaceful waters of the mind where you can deep dive and merge into your higher peaceful self… In the beginning pay more attention to breathing and less to be there things your aware of till your more anchored and calm and then slowly shift your attention to between the eyebrows and slightly above mid of eyebrows and stare into the third eye tunnel while being aware of breathing. From time to time movie scenes will.ckme and go, keep your attention focussed and be disinterested in the movie content…those are memories being released and helping you progress…as you stare you are activating your third eye and drawing the energy upwards from the lower parts of the spine to the divine centre.. you can sense a heavy feeling of flow in parts of the body and that is fine it's cleaning blocks and sometimes cleaning can make you tired…and you would just need to get rest…it's all good and working the right way #surfing #meditation #skillful #thoughts #mindfulness #meditation #navigation #higherconsciousness #leadershipchallenge #peaceofmind #successlife #successtips #egodeath

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