Would you like to Know or Be ? #choices #awakening #knowledge #perspectives #leadfromwithin #omniscient

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To Know or To Be which would you choose? The choice would depend on your level of knowing Thy Self…the mind body ego complex operating system would define knowing as a knowledge acquisition but the higher you evolve you will develop a new way of learning a way far superior to knowledge acquisition and that is Being. When you need to.know something about an object..remind yourself you are the Self of that ..as they say Narayana is inside & outside…so you just need to be that self and you will.know everything… How to become one with what you want to know? If you just stare at a blank wall (Zen meditation) you will become one with the wall and all its components.. Stare at a picture of a God you like and you become one with that identity..hold on to a single thought without flicker ( possible but difficult with the work life routine we have) and you become that.. that's how rebirth also happens…your last thought is contemplated so intensely that you become that…. #knowledgeispower #learning #meditation #spirituality #higherconsciousness #selfknowledge #wisdom #enlightenmemt #healing #omniscience #psychology

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